Financing Helps Automotive Entrepreneur Follow Family Footsteps

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Javier Vargas spent childhood summers working with his family in their autobody repair shops. And after more than 25 years of working in the industry, he can now say he is the proud owner of his own small business: ProColor Collision Escondido.

In 2020, Vargas began working for ProColor Collision – a network of body shops and collision repairers with about 20 locations in the U.S.  

ProColor Collision provides franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs, and Vargas oversees the opening of new locations and works with owners to ensure operations are running efficiently and to help navigate challenges. 

After years of searching for the right location and opportunity, Vargas and his business partners decided to open their own ProColor collision shop in Escondido, a city about 30 miles northeast of San Diego. 

Vargas had the location and the franchise support to open his own shop, but he still needed the capital to get started. 

“We went to three or four banks that said no,” Vargas said.  

“After a while you just keep hearing no, no, no, and you’re like, ‘should I give up?’ But something told me to just keep going, stay the course and eventually something will fall through.” 

After trying to obtain financing from traditional lenders, Vargas was referred to CRF. In working with CRF, Vargas received an SBA 7(a) loan used to purchase equipment, make improvements to the building, and for working capital. 

Once he had the capital, Vargas wasted no time getting to work and successfully opened ProColor Collision Escondido in May of 2023. 

“I had never applied for a business loan before, so this was a whole new territory for me,” said Vargas. “CRF was there to guide and help me through it – they were wonderful through the whole process.” 

CRF was there to guide and help me through it – they were wonderful through the whole process.

Javier Vargas, co-owner of ProColor Collision Escondido
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