Five Ways for Brick-and-Mortar Business to Embrace Digital

Here are a few tips that may help you implement strong digital and e-commerce strategies. 

Today, a digital marketing presence isn’t just nice to have; it’s the price of entry for brick-and-mortar businesses. And it’s easy to do small things to establish and grow your digital footprint.

Here are a few brief tips you may consider when deciding to focus on digital:

Update and optimize your website

If you have a website presence, it may be time to refresh your content, add features and functionality, and focus on helping your customers find you through search engine optimization (SEO). Make sure your site is updated at least once a year with fresh copy, imagery, and content to stay relevant.

Create and nurture your social channels

Customers come to social media for recommendations; is your business ready to connect with them? You can create a following for your brand on any social media channel with consistent, relevant posts. You don’t need to be an influencer, but you need to have a presence. You can start with something as simple as a photo a day showing your products or services.

Set up an e-commerce site for sales or a booking widget for services

E-commerce accounts for nearly 15% of all U.S sales. Selling online allows you to reach new markets and customers, while booking online helps reduce customer friction and ease communication. Consider using a pre-made widget or third-party resource on your website or talk with a website developer about adding an e-commerce component to your site.

List your business on Google Maps

Being on Google Maps may help drive more foot traffic and search traffic for your business. To set up a business location, simply enter your street address into the search bar and click “add your business.” It’s that easy!

Start an email marketing campaign

Email marketing helps you stay in touch with your customers, give them special offers, and get to know them better based on their preferences, locations, and more. Luckily there are many email marketing tools available! Be sure to do your own research to identify the tools and providers that are best suited for your small business needs. 

Knowing where to begin is half the battle. Now that you have these simple tips for strengthening your digital presence, which one will you do first? The answer will depend on your biggest priorities. 

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Disclaimer: the information provided on this page is meant for general informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current resources and recommendations available. Please consult with your financial, tax, legal, and other relevant advisors when making decisions about your small business.