Is It Time to Hire? Three Ways to Know Whether You Need Employees

As an entrepreneur, it’s tough to do everything by yourself. That is why you hire a staff – to keep things running smoothly while you focus on the big picture of the business.

But how do you know when it’s time to bring in more employees? These are a few signs that your business may need additional help.

Your customer service is declining

Customer service is almost always a key ingredient for success. When you or your employees are stretched beyond capacity, it can be challenging to provide quality service to each customer.

If you notice that more customers than usual are unsatisfied with their experience, it may be an indication that your business is understaffed. Some signs to look for include long wait times for customers, missed deadlines, and direct negative feedback.

If you feel that your customer service is not up to par, it may be worth exploring if additional employees could solve the problem.

You are missing out on potential growth

Another sign you may be understaffed is the inability to take on additional business. New projects, product offerings, and customers have the potential to grow revenue. But without the capacity to meet demand, you could be missing out on significant opportunities.

For manufacturers, this might mean turning down larger production orders. Or for restauranters, passing on catering events. To determine if additional help could help you reach your growth goals, you may consider analyzing the cost of a new employee compared to the potential return from new business.

There may also be value in hiring employees who bring new, specialized skillsets to your company. For example, by adding a mechanic who specializes in foreign cars to your auto repair shop – you may potentially open the door to a brand-new set of customers.

Your employees are stretched thin

If your employees are frequently staying late, working overtime, or going outside of their normal job duties, they may be overworked. This can lead to burnout, poor performance, and turnover – none of which are good for business.

You may consider asking staff for feedback to learn ways you can provide relief. Maybe it is hiring more employees, or even a certain type of employee with a specialized skillset. And, if you do decide to hire more staff, existing employees may be able to spread the word with their own networks and even make referrals.

Remember, your employees are closely connected to your business too. Sometimes getting a variety of perspectives can lead to transformative solutions.

We hope this article was helpful as you are considering hiring new employees for your business.

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